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Additionally, relevance plays a significant role in the quality of backlinks. It is an easy way to analyze the quality of your new links. We need to be extremely cautious while using these tools. It also gives you an understandable way to compare your results with your competitors’. The next backlink checker is LinkBox, convenient software for backlink monitoring and checking the indexing status. Find answers to the most often asked questions by users. Thank you so much for helping me fix bad pages on my site with the 4xx bad pages alert. Diib will even let you know if you already deserve to rank higher for certain keywords.

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Backlink monitoring tools let you check their link profile in real time. All Pro features with extended limits. With generous data allowances, tools to check backlinks huge data extracts and plans to suit every level of customer, Majestic gives you the best data for your buck, and is the perfect accompaniment to your workflow’s suite of tools. The tool has a steep learning curve and does not highlight as much detail about issues in the code as its competitors. You get a lot of options for customizing specific link data parameters for your reports. We have you in mind when we started to create this SEO link monitoring tool.

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Let’s now check some backlink tracking tools. Whitespark has useful tools like Local Rank Tracker, Review Checker, and Local Citation Finder. 7 billion webpages daily, SEO SpyGlass is described as a tool that “finds backlinks faster than any other backlink checker. When you’re spying on your competitors’ backlinks you can filter them by link type and narrow down the domains you want to target for your own site. I’m very local service oriented and I have several pages that our on the first page of google and I do get traffic. How to Disavow Toxic Sites. With Buzzfeed, you get to scale your link building campaigns by organizing your email outreach. It is important to monitor backlinks to add good links and remove bad links. Key features of this tool include.


Majestic pricing starts at $49. After using the free backlink checker tool to identify your bad backlinks, there are a few courses of action you can take to make sure those lower quality links don’t taint your backlink report and harm your website rank for important keywords. You’ll have to fork out more like $187. London based SE Ranking is a great little all in one SEO software which includes backlink checking, link monitoring, keyword research and social media features. Seobility comes with all SEO analyses and tools you need. Get page function refers to the 4 step process that was described above please see the complete code for the better understanding. Delight in Ubersuggest’s bountiful features. You can check entire domain backlink profiles and backlinks pointing to single URLs. Customized Reporting: You can generate detailed and visually appealing reports on the backlink performance, including branded reports with your own logo and customizable metrics. It maps the web to return a massive range of data on any website or URL you enter. And what started as a keyword research tool has evolved and now offers various SEO tools. You can disavow multiple links also by uploading your list or by adding rules.

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For backlink profile monitoring, get your site’s inbound links list. If I run this analysis and see a lot of exact match anchor text, that’s usually a sign of black hat link building. Surfer SEO might just be the answer. Check the domain authority with Serpstat Domain Rank. There are occasions that warrant exporting some or all of your links to XML. Coming Soon plugins for WordPress. It also features a domain authority metric that evaluates your website’s on page SEO against that of your competitors. Competitor analysis is a critical process for your own development. All of this data, especially the way it’s provided in the form of user friendly graphs, can prove to be immensely helpful for your link building campaigns. I founded my own digital agency, Startup Cafe Digital, in 2015 to help SMBs leverage SEO, social media, and content marketing to grow their traffic and generate qualified leads for their business. When you search a domain with Monitor Backlinks, the results return with a high level overview of your current link landscape, along with a detailed link list. If you want to see the most recent backlinks to your site, you may use this free tool. That concludes my list of the best tools you can use for checking backlinks in 2021.

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The most common Python packages for creating any web crawling tool are Requests and Beautiful Soup 4 a library needed for pulling data out of HTML. The account limits are the universal ones, permitting distribution over all the projects. All these reports give you a comprehensive view of the links you want to monitor. This is where backlink checker software comes to play. No tool comes close to Ahrefs when looking at link building. The tool doesn’t only help you find the competitors’ backlinks but also tells how strong their link profile is.

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Have you used any of these tools. To manually check backlinks, you can use Google Search Console. Either way, at least according to the results of this test, Moz Pro is the winner. BuzzSumo is one of the top backlinks monitoring tools that have a lot of other features connected to content, and you can use them as well to find opportunities for articles you can pitch later as guest posts to get more high quality links. SE Ranking is the best seo platform our company has used so far. Helping software professionals since 2014. Our trained specialists will help you use backlink checker tools and search engine optimization SEO to improve your digital performance. When a website links to another website, it acts as a “vote of confidence” for the linked website and tells search engines that the content on the linked website is valuable and relevant. While it doesn’t provide detailed backlink data, I’ve added it to this list because it is super easy to use. As with other tools, LinkMiner lets you filter links by nofollow, deleted, new, and lost. Having an effective link building strategy is one of the most important aspects of optimizing your website for search engine performance.

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The link checker tool also makes note of three specific scenarios in which Monitor Backlinks excels. “It allows SEO specialists to locate good backlinks that they don’t know about which can generate a lot of traffic. With this tool, I can log in and see our performance from day to day. Filters can include buzz, trust, power, impact and contact data, plus many others. There are two ways to reach their support team, through email or live chat. Pick a country that you’d like to check the data for. That’s why it’s recommended you continuously check your backlink profile and prevent a buildup of toxic links.

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So without further ado, let’s do this. SEO Backlink Monitor is a WordPress plugin that lets you track your Link Building campaign. It’s one of the top software used by SEO experts and the Link Explorer tool is instrumental in backlink audits that report Page Authority and Domain Authority scores. It’s also a reliable keyword research tool, presenting a dashboard that displays the progress of a website’s average keyword position along with new backlinks and organic traffic from search engines. Use our free tool to get your score calculated in under 60 seconds. For the health of the site’s link profile, you need to acquire new links and remember to check the existing ones. In the SE Ranking “Backlink Monitoring” module, you have access to all important data regarding the type and status of links, their indexing, and the quality of donor resources. ✓ Rated 5/5 on AppSumo ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. This tool is completely dedicated to monitoring inbound links and keyword rankings, so you will always be aware of your backlink numbers, a comprehensive report on all current backlinks, and your domain score. This wouldn’t just create backlinks but also build your reputation on social media and as an author. This tool is perfect for small businesses and freelancers. So, without further ado, let’s get started. Check the performance of your competitors, discover new backlinks, and find valuable ranking opportunities including insights from Semrush Authority Score metric.


The reports are clear and the metrics, trends and data variation highlighted in a concise and user friendly way. Thanks for your comment. His site’s traffic skyrocketed – and he didn’t just reach the first page of Google, he clinched the top spot. You can reveal the most used anchors by other websites that lead to your website. I bought Mangools a week ago, and already it’s my go to SEO tool. Their link will become unusable, and their actions will have no impact on your credibility. Furthermore, you have to constantly check the backlink with which you are connecting. June 04, 2021 at 7:50 am. Overall, these tools can serve as assets for any business that wants to get results with its SEO strategy and sustain them for the long haul. Backlinks come naturally when they share your stuff. There are many reasons why you could lose backlinks over time.

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The score range is from 1 to 100. Its link Checker Software is probably the best in business. Its pricing plans range from $ 99 to $ 599 per month, depending on how many features and how “pro” you want to be in your SEO activities. Conducting thorough keyword research is essential when optimizing your website for search engines. Pricing: free – 279$ per month. They let you get a quick rundown of backlinks to your site for free.

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One of the critical things to look for in a backlink monitoring tool is integration with your favorite analytics platform. It helps you uncover critical SEO issues with your web pages and offers actionable recommendations for improvement. Our top recommendation for backlink analysis is Semrush. By following our tips and techniques, you can monitor your backlinks more efficiently and track the important metrics you need to reach a decision. Influencer outreach management platform. Pricing: free – 279$ per month. But changes can check out happen on the referring domains too. It offers some really great features, and it is fantastic to see which keywords are showing in different SERP features on Google. To sum up, analyzing your backlinks is a critical component of your SEO efforts, and it requires the right tools to achieve optimal results.


And, of course, one of the most important things you can take advantage of when backlink monitoring is the security and relevance of your links. Select those you deem crucial and start tracking them regularly. Imilarweb/status/1473729332975710225. This is one of my favorite features in Monitor Backlinks, simply because of the utility involved. This is a useful feature to ensure you only earn quality backlinks in your profile. Diib uses your real data and even your competitors’ keyword and backlink data to give you deep insights into how to quickly improve your SEO. What if one of these sites removes your link. For small businesses and marketing newbies. It offers incredibly accurate and up to date data and has one of the best interfaces we’ve seen. Most backlink monitors will allow you to view specific information about these links. It is important to focus on quality over quantity when it comes to backlinks. With this tool, you can also perform IP and C block analysis.

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Invite your team members and work together on your linking efforts by adding them to the project of backlink monitor. You can maximize your linkbuilding efforts with the use of Linkbox. Unfortunately, the list is limited to the 1000 results and just the “number” metrics. This is the result:Semrush = 34Ahref = 28UberSuggest = 12Moz = 6Majestic = 7 FreshGoogle Search Console = 12backlinkwatch = use semrush. You can also add filters to get a customized report and then export it for later use. Check out our list of Backlink Monitoring Software, analyze them by marketshare, region, company size along with information about competitors, prospects, tech stacks, funding information, contract renewal dates and more. Here’s how to use the Link Building Tool. However, not all backlinks are created equal. Before we dive into the best tools to manage your backlinks, let’s look at all the SEO metrics that you must monitor for successful backlink management. This free tool is a user friendly free tool for analyzing your website’s backlinks.

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Mention also provides some other features which include. You get to view only the top 1000 results. And the value of these links represent the website’s backlink profile. Ecommerce plugins for WordPress. Utilizing backlink monitoring tools can allow you to detect any unusual link growth, spammy links, instances of negative SEO attacks, or unwelcome connections. These are links you once had that have now vanished. Plus, find influencers you might want to work with to promote your content to a wider audience and get even more links. Backlink Analytics streamlines your backlink analysis by gathering key backlink information and checking all inbound links, domains, and their categories. Built by Rand Fishkin back in 2004, Moz is one of the original SEO tools.


Nobody said that building a brand would be easy, but nobody could anticipate the level of influence the internet would have on business success or failure. Don’t forget to end your email with a call to action. You will get a comprehensive list of quality links for your link building campaign. Shadow Series Apple iDevices. Advanced Plan: $399/month or $333/month billed annually. To measure your organic traffic, you can use various tools such as Google Analytics. These reports include metrics like link growth, link acquisition rate, and link quality distribution, aiding in evaluating the effectiveness of your link building campaigns. Looks can be deceiving, and it’s easy for a malicious site to masquerade as a high quality one. Sources receive three HARO emails every day, Monday to Friday.